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Seascape 4/4/18

Acrylic paint on 24 x 36 inch gallery wrapped canvas



Robin, 3/3/17

Some robins are appearing in our yard and they all seem like they have had the happiest winter somewhere, influencing my painting, I’m sure! This is an acrylic painting on 8×8 inch gessobord, available in my Etsy shop: Robin, 3/3/17img_5995

Still Life Series #5

This is the last of the still life series with coffee and sunflowers. For this one, I put a painting/collage behind the still life set up and like how the figures in the background almost look like you are sitting in a cafe and watching people out the window. I will use this idea again as it solves the question of what to put back there!  I learned that the more you paint something the drawing becomes easier and ideas come faster on new ways to handle the subject.

FullSizeRender (3)

Seascape with Figures/Oil on Canvas – sold

This is a 20×24 inch oil on stretched canvas seascape. I painted two others in acrylic that are similar, but different. This one and a 5×7 version on paper are available in my Etsy shop:


Seascape Figures with Ball oil 20x24 canvas 10:14:14